Air Filters

Clean air is essential for high performance and increase the life of your engine. Almofilter offers a wide range of air filters that guarantee the protection of your engine, in an environment of extreme work.

Los air filters Almofilter, are constructed using specially designed filter material for a high retention capacity of the dirt from the air cleaner. The corrugated folds are resistant to 90 ° C throughout the life of the filter, maintain a low pressure drop and steady, prevent pleat collapse resulting in greater effective filter surface and thus an increase in the flow.

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  • 82A-10140filtrosalmofilter
  • CE-20035filtrosalmofilter
  • CE-20367filtrosalmofilter
  • CE-20727filtrosalmofilter
  • CE-20823filtrosalmofilter
  • CE-21065filtrosalmofilter
  • CE-21268Rfiltrosalmofilter
  • CE-21523filtrosalmofilter
  • CE-22015filtrosalmofilter

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